Please contact me if you’re interested in working with me. I enjoy working with students across all levels and am often looking for people to join our team (BSC to Postdoc).

Current Bachelor or Masters students

For inspiration for course projects (7.5 ECTS), Bachelor thesis projects (15 ETCS), and Master thesis projects (30 ECTS), please see project inspiration (use your ITU credentials to gain access).

Potential PhD students

We are currently looking for PhD students to respond to our open call for ITU scholarships. I have proposed three projects with colleagues from the digital design department and the computer science department.

  • Data-Driven Debate for Digital Societies
    The current pandemic and global warming crises have emphasized the need for contemporary democratic societies to be able to engage in data-informed public debates. Contemporary societies collect increasing amounts of data to allow policy makers to make informed decisions. However, current technologies… more
  • Data Visualization and Natural Languages
    Data visualization has been suggested to be a form of language. To that end, several connections between knowledge of data visualization and natural languages have been noted by the visualization research community, to the point that it is now commonplace to discuss how people might “read” a visualization. Notable examples of such connections include… more
  • Automatic Assessment and Visualization of Programming Skill for Learners and Educators
    IT literacy is an essential skill in our times and, given the dynamism of the IT domain, programming-related learning is likely to become a life-long activity for many. Since there are disproportionately more students of programming than teachers, a great challenge in education will be… more