Analyzing Qualitative Data

Analyzing Qualitative Data


Evaluation is increasingly recognized as an essential component of visualization research. However, evaluation itself is a changing research area. In particular, the many variations of qualitative research are emerging as important empirical methods. This half-day tutorial is designed for beginning to intermediate audiences. We will focus on the basic methods for analyzing qualitative data using a mixture of talks and hands-on activities. In particular we will consider closed and open coding as well as clustering and categorizing coded data. After completing this tutorial, attendees will have a richer understanding of the benefits and challenges of qualitative empirical research and, more specifically, how to analyze qualitative data.


Sheelagh Carpendale, Uta Hinrichs, Søren Knudsen, Alice Thudt, Melanie Tory. Analyzing Qualitative Data. In IEEEVIS 2017 Tutorials (IEEEVIS).


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