Sketching with data

Over the spring and summer of 2014, I will facilitate weekly workshops in Copenhagen on data visualization sketches using D3 (see I will keep a casual format: Participants do not have to participate in every workshop.

The aim of the workshops is to get proficient at doing small visualization sketches that display an idea in a way that is difficult to do with pen and paper. Pen and paper works well for many sketches, but scale, color shading etc., can be hard to convey well – resulting in a mismatch between the sketch and the final design.

The idea is to get as far as each of us can possibly get in an hour. Afterwards, the sketches are finished in whatever state they have. In the following workshop, we work with new data and create new sketches.


  • Some knowledge about programming for the web (HTML, Javascript, JSON, DOM, Development tools) is expected.
  • It is not necessary to have experience with D3, but I expect that most participants have. If participants have not used D3 before, I will point them to the the literature list below.
  • Workshop participants should bring data that they want to visualize with them to the workshop. I recommend bringing .csv files (see literature list for a possible data file).
  • Willingness to learn and to help others learn.

Although I facilitate these workshops, my aim is to learn as much as other participants.

Time & place

The workshops are here:

Place: Meeting room 24.5.62
Njalsgade 128, building 24, 5th floor
DK-2300 Copenhagen S

Time & date: Mondays from April 14 to May 5 at 2-3pm. Wednesdays from May 14 to June 25 at 2-3pm.


Tutorial et cetera:


D3 example and data: