Last week I presented a study at NordiCHI’12 which I conducted in collaboration with my colleagues Mikkel R. Jakobsen and Kasper Hornbæk last winter.

The study is based on 11 workshops in which we asked participants, which were groups of 2 to 3 analysts from diverse domains of data analysis, to imagine, and act as if the whiteboard in front of them was a large interaction high-resolution display. The groups imagined using the display to work with their own tasks and data to assure that their imagination was bound to concrete and meaningful work.

It seemed that the presentation was well received in the audience. The questions from the audience related to

  • Private areas, public areas and parking areas as previously described in the litterature, primarily in relation to tabletop surfaces
  • The limitation of the interaction technologies (i.e. using magnets to mimick a dragging interface etc.)

Feel free to leave comments related to the presentation or the paper.

S. Knudsen, M. R.  Jakobsen & K. Hornbæk. An Exploratory Study of How Abundant Display Space May Support Data Analysis, in Proceedings of NordiCHI’12, 2012